Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a member if I don't store a car?

Our membership policy requires members to store a car in the the gallery.

As a member, do I always have to store the same car?

Members may replace their car with another car as desired. However, they must register the car with the club.

Is my car secure in your building?

Our building is fitted with state of the art security technology including a sophisticated high-definition CCTV system and motion detectors placed throughout the building.

The security system is linked to our security service providing 24/7 coverage.

What is the process to store my car?

It’s a simple process of providing information about you and your car. We’ll then complete the paperwork for your review and once completed and signed, we’ll welcome you to the club.

Is my car insured while stored at your facility?

Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage carries a comprehensive insurance program specifically designed for the unique insurance coverages of vintage and collector car storage and handling.

Is the building climate controlled?

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Is the building dehumidified?

The building is dehumidified and the relative humidity is set between 50% and 60%.

How is my battery kept in good condition?

We suggest investing in a trickle charger to help maintain your battery at optimum performance. Each storage bay has access to a power outlet.

We have trickle chargers available for purchase and install.

Is my battery monitored?

We regularly walk through the gallery to visually check all systems are active and address any issues found.

How much notice do I need to provide to pick up my car?

We prefer a few hours notice so we may prepare your car prior to your arrival.

However, we will certainly accommodate your request at short notice, although we may not be able to complete a thorough check prior to departure.

Can I pick up or return my car outside normal business hours?

We can accommodate most requests for car pick up or return outside normal business hours. Please coordinate special requests with our General Manager.

We ask that you provide as much advance notice as possible for irregular pick-up and drop off requests.

Can I host a business meeting at your facility?

Members may reserve space in the club mezzanine area. We have a 12 seat conference table and audio/visual capabilities for presentations. Catering is also available.

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