Car Storage

Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage was created to offer a fresh, new alternative that goes well beyond basic collector car storage, elevating the experience of owning and collecting cars.  We believe classic and exotic cars should be showcased to highlight their splendor and not be stuffed in warehouses.

  That “storage” should be much more than a resting place, but a center of opportunity to fully engage in the joys of owning and driving the cars we love.

Lincoln Capri

The Car Gallery

Our modernist museum-styled car gallery is designed to bring stored cars to life!  Multiple viewing lounges, engineered lighting, life-sized auto artwork and polished flooring come together to create a truly unique setting for members to share stories and experiences alongside their cars with other like-minded car enthusiasts.

Our car storage plans are designed to meet a variety of preferences and we offer a broad range of concierge services upon request.

Initial Storage Check-In

On arrival each vehicle receives a complete inspection  documenting its overall condition via check-in form, video, and photographs.

At your request we will carefully hand wash, dry, and vacuum your vehicle prior to storage.

Your vehicle will be placed in a generous sized exhibit bay in the gallery, and a drip mat will be placed underneath to monitor any potential fluid loss.

For those vehicles which are infrequently driven, we increase the tire pressures to assist in reducing the flat spotting of tires.

Each storage bay is equipped with access to a power outlet for a battery conditioner.

Mercedes 190SL

Vehicle Departure & Return


Prior to your arrival, we’ll perform a complimentary inspection including: check and adjust tire pressures, lighting, horn, wipers and clean the windshield.

We’ll then stage your car for immediate departure and you can enjoy your drive worry free.


On return your car will be checked over and returned to its allocated position in the gallery.

Optionally we offer a hand car wash service to carefeully hand wash, dry, & vacuum your car prior to storing your vehicle in the gallery.

Chevrolet Fleetmaster


We have excellent relationships with specialty repair, maintenance and restoration specialists and can provide referrals and coordination of services upon request.

We offer a wide range of services in-house including detailing, battery charging, tire rotation, transportation arrangements, pre-sale\purchase assistance, professional photography and more!

BMW M635csi

Safety & Security

We spared no expense investing in the latest technologies for the preservation, safety and security of the cars in our care.  Cars are maintained and secured in a fully climate-controlled, dehumidified environment with comprehensive security, commercial fire suppression and dedicated fire and burglary monitoring.


Safety and security of the cars in our care are paramount.  Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with the latest security, fire and safety technologies to ensure that cars stored with us are highly secure and protected.

For obvious reasons we don’t publicly disclose security procedures and the systems we employ.  We are pleased to provide assurances to members upon request.

Climate Control

Climate control is managed by five computer-controlled HVAC systems with integrated dehumidification management calibrated to maintain an ideal relative humidity between 50% – 60%, thus preventing corrosion of unprotected metals, reducing destructive moisture buildup in brake and fuel systems and preserving woods & leather.

The concrete gallery floor is polished and sealed which prevents moisture rising from the ground beneath and keeps dust to a minimum.


Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage carries a comprehensive insurance program specifically designed for the unique valuations and insurance coverages required for vintage and collector car storage and handling.


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