About Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage

The Club

A car storage facility with country club amenities and atmosphere for the car enthusiast. That was the vision of CEO, Chris Callas. For over a year he searched the Atlanta suburbs for a suitable location and structure to safely store cars while incorporating a club house into the design.

Finally, at the end of 2017 Chris identified a large building perfect for the task at hand, and with assistance of a leading architectural company, they adapted the building to house 90 cars and integrate a 2,800 sq. ft. multi-level clubhouse where members and their guests could socialize with like-minded enthusiasts and share their passion for classic & exotic cars.

The building environment was designed to provide a perfect 50-60% relative humidity, and dust is kept to a minimum with a diamond polished and sealed concrete floor.

Unlike many storage facilities Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage also offers a club environment where members can meet socially and relax in our lounge & bar over a cocktail with family and friends, or cheer on their favorite sports team or driver on one of our six high-definition TV monitors.

Conveniently located near GA400, exit 13. Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage is the perfect solution for securely storing your vehicle and within easy reach of the city of Atlanta and surrounding suburbs.

With 26,000 square feet of floor space, the car storage gallery has been configured to comfortably display up to 90 cars, each positioned to ensure ample room to freely walk around your car, not squashed together like sardines.

The club offers a wide range of social activities including; organized drive days, social events, wine tastings, game-day meetups, overnight trips, and much more.

The Team

Chris Callas

Chris Callas


Steve Maguire

Steve Maguire

General Manager


Steve is responsible for the daily operations of AMCS. including; inventory vehicle management, preparing vehicles for drives, coordinating concierge services, tour guide to potential clients, organizing club destination drives, and preparing the weekly newsletter.


Steve has been a passionate about cars from an early age when his grandparents would take him regularly to Oulton Park, one of many race circuits in the UK.

Even prior to earning his driving license he was working on his Austin Mini, modifying it to compete in rallies in the north west of England. Soon the Mini was replaced by a Ford Escort Mk1 Twin Cam for stage rallying. However, a while later college beckoned and the car was eventually put to one side and then sold (no time or money).

On graduation Steve emigrated to the USA landing in Kansas City, MO where he’d met his wife on a previous visit and then secured a position with a engineering firm. Within a few weeks of settling here, a 1976 BMW 2002 was purchased and began competing in various competitive events in the area.

Through the years Steve has owned a variety of BMW’s; including various 3 & 5 series models, an I3, and currently has two M3’s, a 1989 E30 M3 and a 2017 M3.

He’s been an active member of the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA), and held the position of Lead Instructor for HPDE’s, Chapter President, and Race Director with the Peachtree Chapter. He was also Chairman of Okotberfest 2000 held at the BMW factory in Spartanburg, SC.

Over the years he’s worked on driving programs for various manufacturers including Jaguar, Mazda, and BMW. Currently he works part time with the BMW Performance Center supporting their IMSA Hot Lap program, and competed on eight One Lap of America events.



Bar Manager

Heather joined Atlanta Motorcar Car as the bar manger in August 2019. She received her Mixology certificate from Atlanta Bartending School in 2012 which gives her extensive knowledge in creating unique cocktails.

She enjoys taking care of others and has been a bartender/server for 10 years. In her spare time, you can find Heather hiking trails in the North Georgia mountains or relaxing at home with her 6 year son, Eddie.

Heather will soon graduate from the University of North Georgia with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Biology. Her plan is to go to graduate school for Occupational Therapy and eventually work with children.

Membership Advisory Committee

The committee was established to serve as a liaison between AMCS management and the club members. The committee regularly reviews operational procedures of the club and makes recommendations regarding; activities, marketing, membership, and facility maintenance and service levels.

Gary Dowling

Gary Dowling

Gary’s “car problem” started at age 16, when he got his first car, a 1967 Mustang. Candy Apple Red, Black Vinyl Top (remember those?), Black Interior and a 289 V8 provided many years of education and enjoyment. The Mustang served him well through High School, through College when he and Gail first met, and through the first year of his Career.

A new Camaro, then a Trans Am, then marriage and children – put “play cars” on hold – family was his priority. Once the kids got older and college was funded, a Triumph TR6 and an MGB-GT created enjoyable re-entries into the recreational car hobby.

Joining the Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) several years ago – Gary commissioned a BMW M3 Track Car Build and for their 30th Wedding Anniversary, Gail surprised Gary with a Ferrari F430.

Shortly after the opening of the Atlanta Motorcar Club and Storage (AMCS), Gary and Gail joined the Club for both the secure storage location and to participate in the many social and club activities.

Additionally, Gary invited the AMP and the AMC Leadership Teams to explore collaboration opportunities, which ultimately led to the development of the Reciprocal Member Access Program for the respective Club Members.

Gary and Gail have sponsored several new AMC Members, and continue to assist the Club through participation on the Member Advisory Committee and other Group activities. Gary tells everyone that the Atlanta Motorcar Club is a “social club, with a car problem”.

He values the fact that the Owners and Management Team of AMC are true car enthusiasts, and the diversity of Members with their varied cars and interests, combine to create an enthusiastic and enjoyable Membership Experience.

John Eaton

John Eaton

My addiction to cars began at an early age. My dad loved working on cars and I was a good student and was doing tune ups and brake jobs on neighbors cars to make money at age 12! I remember I charged $1/cylinder plus parts for a tune up, but it all came to a grinding halt at college and most of the performance cars were completely neutered at that time.

Fast forward to the early 80s and I started restoring old 60s muscle cars….Corvettes, Chevelle, Camaros etc. mostly GM badges with an occasional Mustang!

Then the disease really set in and I quit selling them and started collecting and now that has meant separate buildings and frequent additions to house them.

Still a GM guy with a real love for midyear Corvettes. Like many collectors, rare stuff really gets me going and all the history and paper trails are a blast to uncover!

I also love hanging out with other enthusiasts regardless of marque and that is was led me to AMCS!

Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson